Scoop luminaires are not simply "made" by us, they are "created". Like a tailor-made suit, each of our lights is unique - and like any good tailor, we take time for each one of them. When it comes to materials, we deliberately rely on solid-colored, mouth-blown glass.

Floor lamp

Unlike industrially manufactured glass, our colors are not applied as a glaze, but are already created during the melting process in the "harbor" of the furnace. There, the different colors are melted at different intervals. Therefore, the individual delivery time of each unique piece is not surprising.

In addition to its particularly vivid color, this method of production can be recognized, among other things, by small air pockets. A tiny detail that says: "I am real, I am special and I was not made by a machine, but by a human being."

In a world of mass production and uniform products, Scoop is an example of how modern technology, craftsmanship, individuality and the joy of uniqueness can be combined.


Constantin Wortmann designs products for international clients. His work is widely published, presented worldwide and awarded with design prizes.

The common thread running through his designs: "Products need more than perfect function and ergonomics, they need poetry!"




Basic variants

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Cord dimmer, Casambi

Ball 1

Crystal clear, white, gray, yellow, amethyst violet, montan blue

Ball 2

Crystal clear, white, gray, yellow, amethyst violet, montan blue