Networked gestures - a collaborative exhibition project in the design lighting warehouse

Between the cathedral and the stadium, not far from the beautiful "Melaten", the heart of the Less'n'more lighting manufactory beats in the halls of a former cardboard box factory.

The warehouse, manufactory and exhibition will become exhibition space for artistic interventions from 21 to 24 July 2022:

With their drawings and spatial installations, Saskia Ackermann, Helena Geisler and Lisa Claire Stolzenberger collage the togetherness and juxtaposition of collaboration in artistic, private and corporate contexts.

Thu 21.7.22
6 - 10 pm

Fri 22.7 - Sun 24.7
12 - 17 h
Admission is free

Less'n'more GmbH
Scheidtweilerstraße 79
50933 Köln-Braunsfeld

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