For the second time now, next presented itself at the “VIVA light exhibition”. The event is a special exhibition of the “arena Design” exposition in Posen, Poland, and took place between the 14th and 17th March 2017. About 20.000 architects, interior designers and investors from all over Eastern Europe visited the event. With Poland as the host country, it practically suggested itself to show off BLUBB with its lampshade handcrafted by polish glassmaking artists.

 Constantin Wortmann, who was invited as one of the forum’s VIP speakers, provides additional insight into the idea: “We were thrilled by the artisanship of the Poles. Although they had to face great challenges in making it, they managed to preserve the product idea completely. Not an inch of inspiration had to be sacrificed due to technical or material-related difficulties.” And what exactly was the source of inspiration for BLUBB? “Water – the luminaire is shaped like a drop landing on a liquid surface,” the designer explains, “Every drop rebounds for the fraction of a second, and we captured this very moment in glass.”

BLUBB is available in a table version and a suspended version both suited for conventional illuminants and LEDs