Hopf & Wortmann , Büro für Form

In 1999 Benjamin Hopf and Constantin Wortmann founded the design studio "Hopf & Wortmann, Büro für Form", focussing on interior design, industrial design, furniture design and lighting design. They worked for a number of inernational companies - and also on and off for next. The results of this collaboration are luminaires like Liquid_Light and DNA. Hopf & Wortmann were awarded a number of international Design-Awards. In the end of 2006 Benjamin Hopf left Büro für Form after many years to establish his own design studio, "Benjamin Hopf Industrial Design", Constantin carries on the studio, now "Constantin Wortmann, Büro für Form".


info@buerofuerform.de  -  Schillerstr. 14, 80336 München, Deutschland